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System and Unit Testing

Software and system testing is still a major issue in certain scenarios. Especially, if (semi-)automated update procedures are deployed on complex software stacks (like desktop operating system with a plethora of installed applications and dependencies or HPC environments with complex software stacks for different science domains)
a verification of proper execution of tasks would be very helpful to evaluate the result. Same would be desirable for automated setups of operating systems (like scripted installation of Linux plus additional applications with Ansible or Packer). Implicit software updates take place which might break required workflows or applications. Virtualization encapsulated such software stacks and make them easier to operate compared to physical machines (start, stop, suspend/resume, checkpointing, ...)

For ongoing research and development projects run by the professorship or the eScience department of the computer center we are looking for usable approaches to system and unit testing of desktop environments (e.g. several Windows versions running in VirtualBox or VMware (or Linux KVM)) or virtualized research environments (HPC software stack in VMs) for ViCE. The first case would extend the bwLehrpool system for automated testing, evaluation (and description) of uploaded VMs, the latter case would focus on reproducible results of compute workflows.

Desirable/Required knowledge

Linux, Operating Systems, Virtualization, Development & Testing


Dirk von Suchodoletz