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Portable Apps in separate (virtual) disk for Virtual Machines

The bwLehrpool project provides a flexible PC pool system which itself can provide various learning and working environments in a virtual machine. The handling of virtual machine images (mainly Windows) gets a bit inflexible from a certain point on: Usually there is a template image with few software installed to have a broad user base which can use it (typically the restriction is because of licenses, no technical restriction). If a software package is getting installed which is not licensed to every possible user, like e.g. Citavi there will be derivates and the number of images is getting multiplied). The image is then "transferred" into the responsibility of that lecturer/user. Derived images are not getting updated by the bwLehrpool team (question of responsibility).

Taking these considerations into account, it makes sense to look into "portable apps" to separate the "good" (unproblematic licenses) and "bad" (restricted licenses) applications and make the whole system much more versatile. The additional or problematic apps should get installed into a separate disk (or virtual CD) which should get attached to the image (automatically; without requiring the reboot of the VM). Of course, not every application behaves very helpful if not installed the standard Microsoft way ... This should be tested, e.g., with Citavi and other relevant applications.


Understanding of the relevant OSes; scripting (e.g., PowerShell)


Dirk von Suchodoletz