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Browser-based Emulation-as-a-Service

Emulation-as-a-Service provides a complete Cloud-based emulator framework, to simplify access to old computer systems ( The cloud-based approach, however, requires dedicated Cloud-compute resources, such that sometimes a more lightweight solution is required. One such browser-based emulators is
a JavaScript-based v86 emulator (

The EaaS framework does more than running an emulator, though, providing means to access hard disk, floppy and CD-ROM images. While these can easily be transported to a server under the control of the EaaS framework, this task is more difficult for cloud-based emulation.

Expected outcome(s) of this bachelor thesis / master project / master thesis:

  • integrate browser-based technology within the Emulation-as-a-Service framework, in particular to make disk images available and usable with browser-based emulators.

Required Knowledge:

JavaScript and Java programming skills.


Klaus Rechert